No Noise. Real Results.
  • You are awesome.

    I've told so many people about you reaching out to me months before the eclipse, and what a brilliant PR person you are! My husband even asked to see your first email he was so impressed by your brilliance.

    --Janice Dean
    Fox News Meteorologist

  • You are such a rock star.

    Why can't all PR people be like you???

    --Blane Bachelor
    Contributor to New York Magazine, Delta Sky

  • Wow.

    This is the best pitch I've read from a PR person maybe...ever.

    --Freda Moon
    Freelance Journalist

  • This is a fantastic pitch, one of the best I've received over the years, actually...

    you clearly have an excellent grasp on what we writers need and packed this full of great trend info, a solid why now hook (you even said why now!) and you made it personal, too. I have to admit this pitch and this pitch alone made me think, huh, maybe there?s a story there after all.

    --Tim Neville
    Freelance Journalist

  • I receive many emails from many PR firms.

    I have never written any of them to say how truly impressed I was by their email until now. I found the writing in yours to be exceptionally strong, vivid, and cohesive.

    --Kimberly Parke, Editor My Foodservice News

  • You are a true PR gem and your talent shines through!

    I cannot say enough about how kick@$$ you are at your job...you make me want to write about EVERYONE in that community.

    --Jenn Rice, Contributor to Vogue.com
    Food & Wine

  • If only I could give prizes

    for the Best Student in the Class..you?d be it. Everyone else is saying ?Hmm..I?ll work on it? and here you are with full info!

    --Carolanne Roberts, Southern Living