We make them sparkle!
  • We are so greatful that you are working with us.

    I want you to know that we were at a whole new level this weekend. People were coming up saying, 'I've heard of these!' or 'I've wanted one of these' etc., etc. In the past, we've been happy with weekend sales of 75 or more. We sold nearly 150 shirts this weekend! We know that you are a big part of that. We are so grateful that you are working with us.

    What's Your Ista

    Amy Knapp

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  • We are delighted with the publicity we have received. You will be, too!

    Taryn is intelligent, self-motivated and is a tenacious professional in the field of PR. If you're looking for someone who gets the job done, Taryn does that and more. She works tirelessly, pursuing every avenue for her clients. We are delighted with the publicity we have received. You will be, too!

    Red Horse Inn

    Mary & Roger Wolters

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  • Taryn Scher leads TKPR with an unwavering commitment to action and results...

    Her positive energy and unbridled enthusiasm are infectious, and her depth of knowledge about the brands she serves is vast. To see her in action is a pleasure and a trip. She knows exactly how to capture attention, spark intrigue and conversation, engage, and develop meaningful relationships to close the deal. Ever thoughtful, ever smart, every stylish - TKPR is a valued and trusted partner.


    Jennifer Stilwell, CMO

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  • I think she is incredible.

    Taryn has the keen ability to put her head down and get the work done - even when time and resources are incredibly limited. But what makes her really stand out amongst business people (not just women or young women) is her ability to rally the troops so to speak, and pull off events with incredible success. She is smart, savvy and gregarious - incredibly connected both through social media and face to face networking in the South Carolina community and on a national basis. I think she is incredible.

    The Enchanted Truth

    Kym Petrie, CEO

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