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At TK PR, our Mission is Your Mission!

What are your company's goals? Your dreams? Your vision? Where do you see your brand in five years? Those answers- your goals, dreams, visions- are our goals, dreams, visions.

We are here for YOU.

To make sure you are represented the way in which you want and deserve to be represented to the public.

No brand is too big or too small, we are here to work with you and give you all of the attention you deserve, and above all, accomplish your dreams!

What We Do.

We seek traditional "Earned Media" through outreach to television, radio, newspaper, magazine, and online mediums. That's it. We can't brand you, design a logo, create e-newsletters or get you 4 million Instagram followers. Rather than being kind-of-good at everything we choose to excel at just one thing. And that one thing is getting you the most exposure possible in traditional media outlets.

Men's High Heel Race

About the Project

As a shoe boutique, Ecy Shoes n' Chic wanted to find a way to give back to the community through a charity event. Ecy Shoes n' Chic developed the first Men's High Heel Race in downtown Greenville as a way to give back to the American Diabetes Association. Dozens of men raced down Main Street for a chance to win the coveted Golden Shoe Trophy.

Media Results

Almost two dozen unique stories leading up to and after the event including coverage from all 3 local networks at the event. Coverage from the event wound up getting picked up by National wires.

Merrimack Canoe Party

About the Project

Merrimack Canoe Company teamed up with acclaimed Atlanta restaurant Canoe for a major giveaway. The ultimate prize being a handcrafted custom made Merrimack Canoe. To kick off the contest, media gathered along the Chattahoochee River to meet the maker and see the glider in action.

Media Results

Reporters and producers from CNN, The Weather Channel, CBS Atlanta, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Jezebel Magazine and almost 2 dozen additional media outlets gathered to help spread the word.

Ecy Shoes n' Chic Walk this Way Runway Show

About the Project

Fashion shows are a no-brainer in the retail world, but what to do when your store features shoes, handbags and jewelry, but no clothes? While some would say partner with a local boutique, we didn't want the focus on the accessories to be lost. So our models dawned brown burlap sacks to keep the focus on the feet.

Media Results

Local coverage on NBC, Fox, CBS, on the radio and in the newspaper and magazines helped this show sell out.

Momover at Ivy

About the Project

Ivy Salon wanted to do something special for Mother's Day and give one deserving mom a makeover of a lifetime. By teaming up with a local retailer and photographer, the winning mom got a complete head-to-toe makeover and all of it was captured professionally.

Media Results

After receiving more than five dozen applications thanks to each of the local outlets in town offering preview stories to help call for entries, the makeover reveal was featured exclusively by the local NBC affiliate.